Welcome to Pettingell!

My name is Klaus, please watch this video and let me know what you think!


Hello and welcome to Pettingell Book Bindery.

My name is Klaus Rötzscher, and I am the master bookbinder and maker behind Pettingell.

I've been a master book binder for over 40 years and over that time span I've come across some very interesting books.

-I dedicated my life mostly to the care and repair of old books.

In my work I've come across the Samuel Johnson's first edition dictionary- which was AWESOME.

 I've also worked on the Gone with the Wind, and Tom Sawyer,  first editions and among other things... Shakespeare!

Working on these beautiful pieces has impressed upon  me a sense of time and beauty- how things last over generations.

I find beauty very addictive the more you see it the more you want to be surrounded by it.

Throughout those years I came through some thinking:

How I can help you as a writer, have something that will last for years to come?

As an answer, I created my leather bound journal.

So that you have an outlet for your creativity, which is I'm sure very meaningful, and can be very spiritual, if you have yourself surrounded by beauty and thoughtfulness. 

You want to keep your thoughts in a nicely bound book which is easy to handle, will last a long time- I can guarantee you that! 

 Its just an express to yourself and I would like to be  a part of it.

I hope you enjoy my videos and visit me on instagram: @pettingell_book_bindery

I have millennial that helps me navigate it and by the time you see this video I'll be pretty much be set and know what I am doing (hopefully lol).

So, welcome again and I look forward to engaging with you in conversation.

If you have question you can email me.

And look forward to hearing from you!


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